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Beyond Eating

Beyond Eating


Food is central to most of our lives. Whether we have it or not. If we don't have it, we want it and if we do have it, we, or I, typically want more of it. Food has been fairly central to my life as I've worked in one capacity or another at various restaurants, both back in Chicago and here in St Louis. One of the greatest venture that I've been able to be a part of is called Entre. Working with John and all the people of Entre has always been a joy. This video of an Entre event I helped out with, shot by Tangent Mind for The Other Journal, tells why.

Of Salt and Light from The Other Journal on Vimeo.


Music Monday::6 June 2011

Music Monday::6 June 2011

It has a dark static-y acoustic feel to it that was at first, second, third and fourth listenings haunting. But then I got to like the haunting. Like Casper. It's a friendly haunt.

City Forum::Work

CityForum Work from Mark Grapengater on Vimeo.

I put together a video for City Church's forum on work using Brad's D7000 for time lapse. It starts on February 2nd on the 30th floor of the Laclede Gas Building (720 Olive) downtown St Louis at noon. Make an effort to come out. Some of the topics will be:

  • Does my job matter?
  • Finding fulfillment in work?
  • Can I be a difference maker in the work place?

Hope to see you there.

The Gospel

For a mind-expanding, God-exalting exercise, I suggest listening to the audio from the Gospel Coalition Conference held this past May. There's also video available.

  • Don Carson - What is the Gospel | m4v | mp3
  • Tim Keller - What Does Gospel Centered Ministry Look Like | m4v | mp3
  • Don Carson - Plans and Purposes of the Gospel Coalition | m4v | mp3 (downloadable audio coming soon)
  • John Piper - The Triumph of The Gospel in the New Heavens and the New Earth | m4v | mp3
  • Crawford Loritts - Passing the Torch | m4v | mp3