January 2018

Form Prayer Team to regularly update through a monthly e-mail newsletter

August 2018

Move to Denver

Fall 2018

Network with Churches

Get to know Denver

Establish Family Rhythms

December 2018

Local Church Partnership

January 2019

Develop Community Networking Strategy

February 2019

Transfer Presbytery Membership

Begin Weekly Gathering Events, centered around food and prayer

April 2019

Identify Monthly Service Opportunity

May 2019

Launch New Community Group

July 2019

Hire Worship Director; Find Children’s Ministry Volunteers

September 2019

Form Launch Team

Meet Weekly for Vision, Mission and Values Conversations

Monthly Preview Services

October 2019

Launch New Community Group

January 2020

Find/Secure Weekly Worship Space

February 2020

Begin Weekly Public Services

March 2020

Launch New Community Group


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