I'm glad you're here. 

We're all searching for something. Some of us know what we are searching for; others of us don't. We spend our whole lives searching. We look in our careers. We look in our families. We look in our friends. We look under our beds and out our windows. Sometimes we are looking for meaning. Sometimes we are looking for companionship. Sometimes we are looking for love. 

I believe that all three of these: meaning, companionship, and love can all be found in Jesus Christ. The New Testament book of Acts tells us, "For in Him we live and move and have our being... We are His offspring." God the Father created men and women after his own image and we have been trying to replace that image through all these things that we have been searching for. We have climbed the highest mountains and swam the farthest seas and yet, as Bono sings, "we still haven't found what we are looking for." The promise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that we can find what we are looking for when we look to God, rather than ourselves. That our Heavenly Father is calling out to each and everyone of us and inviting us back home as His sons and daughters. 

No matter how you found this site, or where you go afterward, I believe you too are invited to find a seat at the table of God's grace.