I am Mark Grapengater. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied Spanish at Kansas State University. Immediately after graduating from college, I headed to Chicago to go to Seminary at North Park Theological Seminary. In that time I fell in love with the city and with Church Planting. After spending a year leading short term mission teams with Christ For the City International in Costa Rica, I felt a clear call to urban pastoral ministry. In 2008, I graduated with my M. Div. and worked with a few churches in Chicago. In 2009, I found myself working at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Bonsoiree, in Logan Square. In early 2010, I moved to St. Louis to do a church planting internship at City Church STL. There in St. Louis, I met my wife Stacey and we got married in February of 2011. I continued my internship and worked in a number of kitchens and restaurants in St. Louis, while also working in photo and video. 

In 2013, I accepted the call as Assistant Pastor at  All Souls Fellowship in Decatur, GA, and in March 2015, we gave birth to our son Michael. In September 2016, we welcomed our daughter Evelyn into the world. We love extending hospitality to those inside and outside the church by regularly hosting people in our homes, usually providing copious amounts of smoked meat and good beer. 

We currently live in Atlanta with our dog Hailey.