One thousand people move to the city of Denver each month and it’s no wonder. With over 300 days of sunshine and a lower than average crime rate, U.S. News and World Report consistently rank Denver as the number 1 or number 2 city to live in in America. The Denver-metro area is expected to grow by 52% by 2040 according to the American City Business Journal. The Denver Performing Arts Center is the second largest in the nation and Denver gives more public funding toward arts than any other city in America. 

Despite all this, Denver is a city in need of the Gospel. Thirty-three percent of people consider themselves religiously unaffiliated in Denver. Only thirty-two percent consider themselves highly religious. And only 8% of people in the Denver-metro area consider themselves Evangelical Christians. In an area of nearly 3 million people, there are 2,760,000 people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. According to Barna, Denver is the 14th most Post-Christian city in America. 

The truth is Denver is proud of these facts. The Denverite writes in response, “While both of these numbers position Colorado on the front edge of changes in American religious identity, these findings could be seen as a continuation of our region’s role in the American religious landscape. The West is a place where people come to make themselves anew, where they aren’t bound by the old norms.” 

We want people to be able to cast off their old norms for new life in Christ, rather than their own self-reinvention. We want to plant a church for the city of Denver where people don’t make themselves anew, but where Jesus Christ says to them, “Behold I am making all things new.” A church where: 

  • God intersects His story of the Gospel with the story of Denver so that through a personal relationship with Jesus people are truly made new. 

  • God extends His hospitality to those who call themselves strangers and enemies, so that He can create a people where justice, mercy and love rule and reign in their lives.

  • God embodies His people to love and serve the city of Denver so that it is a more peaceful, gracious, beautiful and loving city. 


We exist to provide a seat at the table of God’s grace.


Our mission is to invite people into a relationship with Christ and form a community that worships and serves together.


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