Got to talking music with my good friend Tall Pants today and it got me thinking about sharing a few of the latest finds of mine. Cults 7" Cover Art

I'm currently listening to Cults' album by the same name–Cults. It has a nice indie-pop feel to it. Groovy, nice hooks. Easy to listen to the first time. They released a 7" EP not too long ago. Pitchfork gave it an 8.5, if you care about that. Regardless, it's good summer listening.

Past Life Martyred Saints

EMA's debut album Past Life Martyred Saints is definitely worth a listen and it's starting to grow on me. It has a dark static-y acoustic feel to it that was at first, second, third and fourth listenings haunting. But then I got to like the haunting. Like Casper. It's a friendly haunt. Very raw sounding, so take some time with it. Pitchfork also gave it an 8.5.

Finally, for those who have a thing for Arcade Fire, here's Modern Man performed in StL.

Modern Man from Mark Grapengater on Vimeo.