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Chouteau Bottoms

Chouteau Bottoms

Mid-December, Brad and I headed to where the road and the river collide.  After a shot of espresso we didn't even feel the cold.  These are the photos that documented that morning.

Photo Friday || Kuma's Corner

Kuma's Corner was the meeting place when I returned to Chicago a week and a half ago.  It could have been the metal blasting over the speakers that seemed to have gotten louder as the night went on; or the multiple brews that were consumed; or the great hamburgers–named after various death metal groups–that they serve up; or maybe, it was just the great friends that I was there with, but which ever the case, it was one of my more memorable nights that I have had in Chicago.  These are some of the photos from the evening.

Josh and I arrived about 6:30 and there was already an hour and a half wait–minimum.  The door girl jotted our names down and we settled in at the bar.  The place was packed already, but we were able to be inside.  A couple of 3 Floyds later, we were talking to others that were waiting.  Our party started to arrive, the music got louder and another round was ordered.

We were seated around 8 and began to peruse the menu.  The burgers were called names like "Iron Maiden," "Black Sabbath" and "Slayer".  I ordered the "mastadon" which came with cheddar, bacon, frizzled onions and BBQ sauce.  And another round.

Our food came out.  The waitress brought us a free beer because we seemed like "a fun group."  And as the music increased in volume once again, so did we.

More photos in my Flickr stream.

Photo Friday

A couple of weeks ago, Micall and I headed out west to Seattle. I met her family and we had a great time tasting wine, watching the Mariners, going to Mars Hill and getting overwhelmed at the Market. A great time.

The second shot is out my window in the evening while I was reading. The light was really nice in the evening. The weather here in Chicago is great right now.

Photo Friday

As many of you probably know, I went to Disney World a couple weeks ago. It was a great time to hang out with my family and my girlfriend. I took well over 1000 pictures, but cut about half of them. Here are two of them.

Many more are on Flickr and Facebook.

Photo Friday

Last week the weather was beautiful and I walked from my apartment up to the Map Room. I took about 30 photos and kept about half of them. Pretty good for me lately.

The first is a shot of the tree that is budding outside my apartment; signs that Spring is somewhat upon us, despite the 30 degree temps. The second is from a mural at Division and Hoyne.

This past weekend I was in Disney world and shot off about 10ish gigs of photos. Somewhere around 1000+. It'll take a while to get through them all. But I'll be sure to let you know when they're done!