Kuma's Corner was the meeting place when I returned to Chicago a week and a half ago.  It could have been the metal blasting over the speakers that seemed to have gotten louder as the night went on; or the multiple brews that were consumed; or the great hamburgers–named after various death metal groups–that they serve up; or maybe, it was just the great friends that I was there with, but which ever the case, it was one of my more memorable nights that I have had in Chicago.  These are some of the photos from the evening.

Josh and I arrived about 6:30 and there was already an hour and a half wait–minimum.  The door girl jotted our names down and we settled in at the bar.  The place was packed already, but we were able to be inside.  A couple of 3 Floyds later, we were talking to others that were waiting.  Our party started to arrive, the music got louder and another round was ordered.

We were seated around 8 and began to peruse the menu.  The burgers were called names like "Iron Maiden," "Black Sabbath" and "Slayer".  I ordered the "mastadon" which came with cheddar, bacon, frizzled onions and BBQ sauce.  And another round.

Our food came out.  The waitress brought us a free beer because we seemed like "a fun group."  And as the music increased in volume once again, so did we.

More photos in my Flickr stream.