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Live Feed

If you didn't go over to the Resurgence for their live feed for the Text&Context Conference, you should. It's a really great feed to watch. I caught about half of the Q&A with Piper, Driscoll and Chandler.

I figured out how to embed it here, for those too lazy to click.

The rest of their schedule (in PST) is:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10:00 am Session 10 – Jim Gilmore – Context: Decoding the Future, the
Phoniness, and the Shifting Sands
11:20 am Q& A with Jim Gilmore
1:00 pm Session 11 – Mark Driscoll – Text & Context: Preaching Jesus
Christ To Pagan Culture
2:15 pm Q & A with Mark Driscoll

End of Main Conference -- Post-Conference Sessions Begin

3:00 pm Session 12 – Jeff Vanderstelt - Biblical Missiology (Acts 29
4:30 pm Session 13 – Darrin Patrick - Leading the Mission (Acts 29

I Doll A Tree

Listen: Keller via Driscoll asks christians 14 questions about idolatry:

  1. Where do I run for comfort in times of trouble?
  2. What am I most afraid of?
  3. What do I most passionately long for?
  4. What do I complain the most about?
  5. Where do I find my greatest happiness?
  6. How do I describe myself to others?
  7. What makes you angry at God?
  8. What do I brag about?
  9. What do I want the most?
  10. What do I sacrifice for the most?
  11. What one thing would I change in my life?
  12. Whose approval am I seeking?
  13. What do I want to control the most in my life?
  14. What comfort do I treasure the most?

The answers to these questions can help reveal where we have idolatry in our lives and where we are letting religion run our lives, rather than the Gospel.

A (Banned) Word For Church Planters

From what I've read this video was shot for a church planting conference, but didn't get distributed because of some remarks made by a pastor of a certain church in South Barrington. Of course being contraband makes it much more prized and interesting than if it had been passed out to begin with. In it, Pastor Mark Driscoll talks about what it takes to be a church planter today.