Listen: Keller via Driscoll asks christians 14 questions about idolatry:

  1. Where do I run for comfort in times of trouble?
  2. What am I most afraid of?
  3. What do I most passionately long for?
  4. What do I complain the most about?
  5. Where do I find my greatest happiness?
  6. How do I describe myself to others?
  7. What makes you angry at God?
  8. What do I brag about?
  9. What do I want the most?
  10. What do I sacrifice for the most?
  11. What one thing would I change in my life?
  12. Whose approval am I seeking?
  13. What do I want to control the most in my life?
  14. What comfort do I treasure the most?

The answers to these questions can help reveal where we have idolatry in our lives and where we are letting religion run our lives, rather than the Gospel.