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Life :: Update

A new site.  A new city.  Almost a new apartment.  The closest of you know the details, but since I'm not in constant contact with those who are close, but not the closest, I want to give a brief overview of the happenings of my life.

I am enjoying my internship with City Church and still very much getting to know all aspects of that.  The Body, the city, the culture, the music, the you-do-it-this-way-but-I-normally-do-it-another-way sort of things that make one feel not quite at home.  Most of this is going well though.  Sunday I signed a lease and should find out soon when I get to move into the new apartment.  I'll post photos, as well as give you a call when I need help moving.

The internship is in its third week.  Mike and I have gotten extra time together, since I've been sleeping on his couch.  I have gotten to know his wife, Beth and their beautiful daughter (16 months–I think) Lunden.  I have been getting up early on Mondays and meeting with the group of guys who are leaders at City Church.  We are reading through Unfashionable by Tullian Tchividjian as a primer to reformed theology.  Even as a small book, it has been one to challenge our preconceived notions of Christianity that have perhaps crept in through something close to a Biblical understanding, but not quite.  Mike, Phil, Jessica (the other intern) and I have also been meeting to discuss readings that have served to familiarize us with the Gospel, living in the city, and taught us to understand the story which God is creating in us.

Job-wise I'm still looking.  Pray specifically for this.  I thrice staged at Niche, recognized as the premier restaurant of St. Louis.  I got to know some of the guys there well, even in my short time, but as there are no part-time positions available there, I have had to look other places.  Thankfully, they have a Brasserie open in the Central West End that is looking for part-timers.  I go in to stage there today (Tuesday).  My reluctance at working in a restaurant kitchen is the long hours they demand.  A 12-hour shift, located primarily in the later half of the day, limits my time to spend with others as well as puts a burden on Hailey.  I may not have much of a choice though these first few months, since all the other places I have applied to are not hiring.

I'm happy to see God moving me in a specific direction.  I'm finding a lot of satisfaction in him and the internship doesn't feel like work–it's something I would naturally do.  That is a blessing itself.