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My good friend, Brad Edwards, and I have been doing a lot of projects together over the past year. Photos for City Church's website, videos for GreenTree Community Church–that sort of thing. He's really a talented brother and a great guy to work with.

On a recent video shoot, he grabbed this shot of the guy we were interviewing, but left it on my card. So I played around with it a bit. A great B&W preset that I have in Lightroom, a little fill light and pumped up the yellows a touch. I think we make a pretty good team.

Photo Friday

A couple pictures from Thanksgiving weekend. My sister, Laura, and I went out to her boyfriend's (Ashley) place and some other friends and shot clays. I had a 5 hit streak at one point. Laura did shoot some and she even hit the clay, which seemed to have caught her by surprise, looking at the above photo. The second shot is of the back one of Ashley's horses. It's a little more golden in real life, but the web kills colors. Some one should stop the madness.