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Link Day

I have nothing for you today, yet, so I send you some time wasters from around the internet.

Eugene Cho gives us reasons to blog.

Daniel Taylor tells us why church planting sucks.

A while back there was a super cute girl on American Idol. She has a pretty good voice too.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, they showed a bunch of quick clips in the momentous world of sports. Jordan was within those. And so I bring you a highlight video. Pay close attention at 2:04.

The Gospel

For a mind-expanding, God-exalting exercise, I suggest listening to the audio from the Gospel Coalition Conference held this past May. There's also video available.

  • Don Carson - What is the Gospel | m4v | mp3
  • Tim Keller - What Does Gospel Centered Ministry Look Like | m4v | mp3
  • Don Carson - Plans and Purposes of the Gospel Coalition | m4v | mp3 (downloadable audio coming soon)
  • John Piper - The Triumph of The Gospel in the New Heavens and the New Earth | m4v | mp3
  • Crawford Loritts - Passing the Torch | m4v | mp3