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Blogging Again

After a much needed time away from blogging, I'm jumping back in the pool again. Don't worry, I waited my 30 minutes, so I won't cramp up.

Coming at you is a regular music post on Mondays, some thoughts on art and why we need it, and quotes from what I'm reading. I also have some recordings from around town. And of course some thoughts on the Gospel and what it does when our lives become saturated by it.

Some Changes

Today I've spent around 6 hours, minimum, working on my blog's layout, design and look. I'm trying to go cleaner and make it more "hip." But also more functional. I'm slightly satisfied, at least enough to go to sleep.

I would like feed back though. If you think something needs changed, don't like the way something looks-- too clunky, too world-wide-web (like the Compuserve days), too whatever-- let me know.


What a funny little word-- hiatus. It's a good word. It means, well, it means, um, yes. You should know what it means.

I took one regardless of what it means. I finished up my semester and went down to Tulsa for a few days and a wedding. Celebrated Father's day by rockin' the Golf Club. Honestly it was about the best golf I've ever played.

I'm still editing photos from Thailand.

I'm around more, I guess, and hopefully will be back into this whole blog world. I really want to develop a better page and that's probably a big reason why I haven't been more active recently.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what to add? What makes for a good blog-- content, style, appearance? Any good editors that I should be aware of?