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DGM Conference Messages

I didn't get to go to the Desiring God National Conference this year, but thankfully God has blessed us with the internet and digital recording capabilities, so that, even though not being there, the messages can be passed on forever. Or until the server crashes.

I've listened to two of the speakers so far: Mark Driscoll and Dan Taylor. Dan's message, on Story, is extremely important for the those of us who are seeking to relate the Gospel in a way that impacts beyond head knowledge.

Go check them out.

Driscoll Uses Dell

Deerfield, IL.

Mark Driscoll may not be as hip as was once thought.

Driscoll, the co-founder of Acts 29 and lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, was reportedly seen using a Dell laptop at the A29 Boot Camp recently held at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. During the fifth session, led by Mark Dever, Driscoll sat in the back of the A. T. Olson Chapel working on a Dell laptop.

Long assumed that someone of Driscoll's "cool" factor-- which goes up to eleven-- would be a Mac user, many of the Boot Camp participants were floored.

"I mean, I use an HP, but that's just because I don't consider myself as cool as Driscoll," stated a despondent Joe Thorn. "I just don't know how he's able to reach the today's culture on a Dell."

The Reformissionary, Steve McCoy, was unaware of Driscoll's Dell using tendancies. "I had always looked up to the guy, but now, I, I . . ." His eyes glistened as he was unable to finish his sentence.

Other higher-ups in the Acts 29 Network were not as shocked.

"Yeah, I knew he used a Dell, but I never thought he would in public. It has really devastated many of our church planters," stated Darren Patrick, pastor of The Journey in St. Louis.

Many there, though, seemed completely unaware of Driscoll's downfall, as they lined up to talk to him after Wednesday's session. Most were focused on how to balance their family life and church planting, rather than the real issues.

Quick to leave after answering the church planters' wives' questions, the only thing he had to say was, "Dude, I got a Dell."

The reported image of Driscoll on a Dell has not been found.

Pop Jesus

Every time I walk into Border's I pause at the new books tables, meandering them to see if there's anything worth giving a further look. One of the books that's been continually catching my eye is Dick Staub's The Culturally Savvy Christian, but since I have no time to get the reading done that's required for class, I'm not quite ready to pick up this one. So I was pleased to find that The Resurgence had interviewed Staub.

In these two videos he talks about culture's need for icons and its love affair, torrid or otherwise, with Jesus.