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Ephesians Quote

The picture the text paints is bleak. Because of sins humans are the living dead. They live in keeping with a world that ignores God and in keeping with a tyrant who works to cause disobedience. In their enslavement they follow desires and distorted reasonings that leave God out of the picture and, therefore, they are under God's wrath. But , the main point of Ephesians-- and especially of 2:1-10-- is that God will not stay out of the picture.

Klyne Snodgrass, Ephesians.

The Quotable Snodgrass

Tuesday's are an incredibly long day, as I've mentioned before, but my class on Romans is a good reason to keep going, even when I'm about to crash.

Romans is taught by Klyne Snodgrass, a well-respected New Testament scholar, who refers to people like N.T. Wright as Tom, J.D.G. Dunn as Jimmy, and mentioned in class that he called up Bruce Metzger-- who is responsible for us having a Greek New Testament today-- as if it was an everyday occurrence. It's an extremely cognitive class and I had the brilliant idea to take it for credit, instead of auditing. Klyne is putting the finishing touches on a book on the parables of Jesus, which should be a goldmine. At the risk of infringing on copyright laws (of speech) and taking things completely out of context, I offer you some great quotes by the man himself.

"Grace is the perimeter within which Christians live."

"Faith is not what you do with your brain, it's what you live."

"To have faith is not saying something about you, but about the God in whom you trust."

"When you fail to honor God, humanity is dishonored."

"Worship precedes obedience."

"The wrath of God is in the revelation of the righteousness of God."

"There is no sin that is not constitutional-- we are always dealing with identity."

"Can you draw near to this God and not be affected by him? I think not."

"I don't care what you do with the genitive-- the focus is on the cross."