If I had to define my style, I would have to say it's something along the lines of Rugged American Work with Steve McQueen cool.  This translates into double-pocketed demin work shirts with pen slits in the pockets, plaids, flannels, leather boots and jackets, wool and jeans.  Things that are American made.  I have my whims occasionally, like my Onitsuka Tigers that have every color of the rainbow in them.  I like thinking that working with one's hands is still valued and that, as my dad calls them, "office hands"–smooth and delicate–aren't the norm.  Thankfully everyone is producing the work shirts right now and the old American work brands are found in most department stores right now.  Red Wing 875s were the original American work boots that I want my feet to be encased in.

Steve McQueen tends to body the old rugged American look, but also carry a sense of class in all of that.  His life echoes the same–it was only after encounters with the law and heading into the military that he became the actor that embodied that lifestyle.  Much like his movie persona, his penchant for driving fast and living fast, was embodied in his style.  Like the Persol 714s that had blue lenses and folded.  The 649s are pretty cool too.

I, having an OCD streak in me, have been scouring the internets for images and pricing for these items.  But with a wedding coming up and irregular employment, the prospect of spending this kind of cash is out of reach.  For now I will just have to obsess.