I got scammed.

Well, almost.

The church was trying to sell it's used pews at the site usedpews.org. Yes that site actually exists. The proposal was that the buyer a Rev Cole Morra, was going to buy 10 of the pews and send us an extra $100 just for the fun of it. Okay. Odd, but okay.

For about a month we didn't hear back and didn't receive a check. We had other buyers come and look at the pews, but no one's bought yet. I wanted to make sure that Rev Cole was still interested so I emailed her again. Oh yes, very interested still. Sorry for the delays. We'll get the money to you soon.

I get an email yesterday. We're sending you 3500$ for the pews. Then you deduct what else left and send that to our shipping company. Oh, wait. This was not the arrangement. This sounds more odd than okay. I explain in an email back that this is not the arrangement. She finds me on Gchat. Oh, crap. We chat. Nothing productive. More odd uses of the Engilish language. So I Google "Cole Morra".

The Usedpews website has a section on scams. They send you fake checks and get your account information. I emailed Rev Cole Morra this morning. We're no longer doing business with her.

We should be fine. We never received a check. But the exchanges do make for some entertaining reading.