Read this while doing some reading for Colossians (& Ephesians):

It is Christ, in whom all treasures of knowledge and wisdom are hid (2:3), who is the true Wisdom of God (1Cor. 1:24, 30), who was with God from the beginning and through who and by whom the universe was created (1:15-18; cf. Prov. 8. 22 and Gen. 1:1). But for the Jew, the Wisdom of God is identical with the Torah. In claiming for Christ what has been said of Wisdom, Paul is claiming that he has replaced the Jewish Torah; it is Christ, not the Torah, who is older than creation, the instrument of creation, the principle upon which creation itself depends and to which it coheres. (330)

M. D. Hooker, "Were there False Teachers in Colossae?" in Christ and Spirit in the New Testament, 1973.