I mean, I have enough to write about. About 90% of the things I do throughout the day have blog potential. Take the overly loud high school girls at Starbucks today. I could blog about them and how I had to enact the noise-canceling headphones to begin to drown them out while I tried to study. Wasn't a complete success.

I could blog about class and how Klyne talked about what it would mean for us to start to think about ourselves as "in Christ" instead of Christ being in us. How it might make us look at evangelism differently and the Church differently, if we were inviting people into Christ, rather than pushing them to invite Christ into their lives. Just beginning to peel back the wrapper on that chocolate bar.

I could talk about Grace on Sunday, how my roommate Chris came with me and that hearing the "you are forgiven" almost drove me to tears at confession, drawing me into a deeper appreciation for what Christ has done for me and the subsequent communion that I was able to partake.

I could point you here.

I could talk about how I only attend class for 4.5 hours a week because I have on class that only meets for a weekend and another directed study.

I think most exciting for me to talk about, however, is my Saturday. After talking to Kevin on Wednesday, he called me again late Saturday morning and we planned to meet up downtown around 4. We did and proceeded to walk around the entirety of the loop-- on the outside of the loop. We walked for about 2 hours and were late getting back to the train station for him to get out of town. But we shared what was on our hearts about where God is calling us and what our desire is for that call. About Kansas City and how the Gospel isn't reaching the city. About how we don't want to be on the outskirts of the town, off in the suburbs-- no matter how many people would come. We talked about what ministry would/could look like together and how we could continue in that conversation and move forward in further discussion on getting to KC.

In the end, I was able to meet his 6 month pregnant wife and a couple other friends. I'm beyond excited and joyed about the future possibilities and potentialities where God is leading both of us. Please continue to pray for God's will in both of our lives as we plan to enter into ministry in the following year.