I just know I'm not going to sleep for about the next 3 nights and after that only God will be able to shut my mind off from dreaming so that I'll be able to get to sleep and get some actual dreaming done.

I just got off the phone with this guy named Kevin Cawley. We made a connection through the blog world, but mainly on Flickr-- that photo sharing site that consumes too much of my time. And after being within about 200 miles of him in early August, missing the connection, we just now were able to catch some air time with each other.

Right now, he's spending a year praying and planning in preparation to go to Kansas City to plant a church. He has a real vision, much of which I haven't heard yet, to have a church that really reaches the city for Christ.

I, in my bubble, have been praying for God to give me direction and lead me to a place to church plant. I feel like I could do ministry anywhere, but I want to be in the place that he would send me. So I've taken my time in prayer and consideration hoping that he would lead me not only to a place, but that he would bring people into my life that have a desire to plant also.

Back to my insomnia:

After missing connections in Tulsa, Kevin's coming up to Chicago this weekend. He had mentioned this in a email he sent me, but some how I overlooked it. Finally we'll be in the same city and have an opportunity to sit down and talk about our visions that God has given us. My issue is that I'll dream about everything as I lie down to go to sleep and my mind will race about all the possibilities.

All five of you that read this, please pray for the next couple of days that I'd be able to get to sleep and for the time that Kevin and I will have together. Also pray that both of us would be led to know what God has for us and to where/what he is leading us.