My Flickr friend and blogging buddy Steve McCoy, the Reformissionary, always has some great posts up on his Music Mondays postings. Lately my music preferences have gone to the more alternative side of life, so I thought I share some of my recent buys and those for which I am still jonesing.

Midlake has a great album Bamnan and Slivercork. Steve introduced me to this one and I'm still enjoying it. Very alternative. Very good. My personal favorite is "Balloon Maker."

To feed both my Jazz and Electronic sides at once, I picked up The Jazz Influence: Electronic Jazz compiled by Kevin Yost. It's pretty good, some weaker tracks ("Do you like Jazz?" good beat, annoying lyric), but overall a regular listen. Along these lines is the single that iTunes gave away a few weeks ago now by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra "Kiss the Sky." It's great.

Those for which I haven't dropped the cash yet are: LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver ; Chicago's own Andrew Bird, Armchair Apocrypha; and everyone's current favorite, Arcade Fire, Neon Bible.

LCD and Andrew were on Dave last week to which I now leave you: