A new semester of Seminary has started again. So far, I've only had one class and it's been good. It's the professor's second semester here at North Park, so no one's really sure what to expect, but I've only heard good things. Plus he's really interesting to listen to; he's Scottish. And other than him not wearing a kilt, nor having read hair, it's kinda like have a Bible class taught by Grounds Keeper Willie. I'm looking forward to him getting really excited about something.

For the record my classes this semester are as follows: New Testament 2; Heaven, Hell and New Creation; Pastoral Care and Counseling; and Romans. All should be at least beneficial. I've never had a class with the Pastoral Care professor, but I know we stand on opposite sides of the proverbial aisle--so pray for that. "Hell" should be interesting. The professor I had last semester for Worship is teaching it, but with its name and the fact that it's at 8 in the morning, you should be praying for me. Romans is a class that I've been looking forward to since I got here and I'm finally in it. It's a thick book and the professor's probably the best here, so it'll probably kick my butt--again pray for that.

Why don't you just pray for me in general? That'd be nice. I definitely need it.

Grace and Peace.