The past few weeks have been a little too low-key for me. The feeding program on Wednesdays is on its 3rd week now not happening, maybe fourth. They found a new place to be able to make and prepare the food, but it's been difficult for them to get the bus in order. Plus with Ronald, now being under CFCI and not Renacer, there has been a lot of changes for him. What this equals for me is a lot of down time. Twice I missed the connection to Guarari for the Kid's Club on Tuesdays also. And I'm still working out the details to get up to Renacer to teach ESL.

This week, however, I was able to get to Guarari today. It was a little less organized than when the team was there. There are two groups. The first in the morning is the younger group, seven years and up. They still retain a little respect for those older than them, so they were great. In the afternoon though most are about middle school age-- a little more work. It came down to crowd control with some of the boys. Unfortunately these are the boys that need it the most. They're just at that age where they can begin to make choices that will effect the rest of their lives. It's scary to think about and certainly drives one to pray for them.

Wednesday I'm going to the Language Institute where a lot of missionaries study to talk, briefly, about living with Tico families. And hopefully in the afternoon, I'll be able to make it up to Renacer. That's difficult though because the bus only runs in the morning, so I'll have to find another way up. Once up there I'll need to figure out the best time that I can be up there on a regular basis. Please pray that schedules can be flexible and everyone would be understanding.

Grace and Peace.